Update 1.10's Bugs and Compensation

Tank Commanders,

On June 17, Blitz was updated to version 1.10. Some major improvements were carried out on our BigWorld server which included improvements for many different features. One of the features conflicted with several other features which led to the following issues:

  • Invisible tanks
  • Possibility of players dropping out of battles
  • Random game crashes

When a player crosses certain areas on a game map, it becomes possible for a glitch to be triggered.

However, thanks to your detailed reports on the forums, the Blitz team took a day to find the bug and fix it.

To compensate, 3 days of Premium time instead of 2 days will be offered to all players who play at least one battle (regardless of outcome) from the following timeframes:

Event start: 20 June, 2015, 14:00 UTC+8
Event end: 22 June, 2015, 14:00 UTC+8

Thank you for your patience and understanding.