Each battle in World of Tanks Blitz doesn’t just generate a lot of emotions, credits, and experience, but continuous updates to server statistics too. This enormous amount of data is the main tool that developers use when it comes to balancing vehicles.

As you can guess from the header, the time has come to rebalance medium tanks. Rebalancing will start soon as part of the Supertest.

Please note that these new characteristics are not final. They will be introduced for testing purposes, and may be changed in future updates.


Both statistics and the personal experiences of players show that high-tier medium tanks become a more powerful and dominant force on the battlefield the higher you go. The role of medium tanks have exceeded the expectations of their class because quick manoeuvres across the map are not their only advantage. Medium tanks can boast very high penetration and accuracy. And in the case of Soviet tanks, excellent armour that makes even heavy tanks envious.

Therefore, during the Supertest, the following changes will be tested:

  • Decreased shell penetration of the following tanks:
    - Premium shells only: the Т-54.
    - Standard and Premium shells: the Leopard PT A, Type 61, Т-62А, Object 140, Е 50М, М48А1, Leopard 1, STB-1.
    - Standard shells only: the Centurion 7/1 and FV4202.
  • Turret armour was redistributed and weakened for the Т-54, Т-62А, and Object 140.

Please remember that all changes introduced during the Supertest are not final. After preliminary tests, new data will be analysed and used to further rebalance medium tanks. Stay tuned to the news for the latest updates!