Blitz Action MY - How the Guesthouse Chillout Went

Date: 29-31 January 2016

Members of [MY] Malaysia 1st Division Clan set the stage for a early start to summer by organizing a Blitz Action event at the Lagenda Guest House beach!

Left to right: SeXPisT0LS, xDausTrevoRx, MY_LaughingDeviL, MY_DeadWalker, MY_AssociatedAssasin, _AyinnoneX, and iDestruction.

Check out the place they called home for the 3-day event.

First thing you have to check at any Blitz Action event is your ping. After all, you have to be able to bring your best game when prizes are at stake!

Someone's taking his game VERY seriously.

The whole event wasn't spent just playing WoT Blitz! When at the beach, there's always time to make a sand tank.

E 100, sand version by clan [MY]

Come nightfall, everyone was looking forward to the barbecue dinner courtesy of iDestruction and MY_ AssociatedAssasin.

After dinner, participants got in a few more practice games before calling it a night.

Everyone woke up bright and early to prepare for the contest to determine who can deal the highest damage during the Blitz Action event.

Playing WoT Blitz outdoors is really relaxing.

Playing on site actually allows you to scope out your competition's tactics.

No bench? No problem! WoT Blitz can be played even while sitting on the ground.

Game on! Time to split up and get that high damage!

When the battles get too hot, commanders jump in the water to cool off.

Some chose to go kayaking in between battles.

The battle to prove who is the best damage dealer stretched well into the night

At the end of the event, the winners were as follows:

_AyinnoneX gets first place with his trusty FV215b dealing a whopping 7122 damage.

xDausTrevoRx comes in second with 4886 damage on the Object 140.

MY_DeadWalker and his Jagdpanzer E 100 gets 3rd place at 4861 damage dealt.

Fourth place goes to MY_LaughingDevil who managed to deal 4607 damage using the Object 268 tank destroyer.

sameq completes the top 5 with 4583 damage dealt using the T-62A.

With the competition complete, it was time to pack up and head back home!