Blitz Action!

Wish you could meet your friends from World of Tanks Blitz? There’s now a good reason to gather for a session of Blitz games. “Blitz Action!” is a new programme for the Blitz community to host friendly offline (real life) gatherings and mini tournaments. Best of all – shortlisted events can request for in-game prizes sponsored by Wargaming!

How do I create an event?

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Event Guidelines and Games and Tournaments Guide. The FAQ could be helpful too.
  2. Plan your gathering/tournament. Have a Blitz session with friends in a school lounge, over a picnic or a field trip to historical places. Just remember to keep your mobile devices charged to ensure that they work during battle.
  3. Register your event here.


When your event is approved, the fun part begins.

  1. Your event will be announced on to help gather more players!
  2. In-game prizes can be requested when tournaments are involved. At the end of the event, a report with proof of the games and tournaments (event pictures, screenshots of battle results, etc) is needed by the organiser so that participants can receive their prizes.


Good luck and have fun planning your gatherings!