Blitz Development Team Q&A

Tank Commanders!

It's no surprise that since the release of World of Tanks Blitz, players have been eager to learn more about the future of the game. While the developers have been quietly working on it the last few months, they're now ready to field some questions sent by you.

Read on to learn more about their thoughts on the future of Blitz!

Q: Do you plan on rebalancing the German tech tree?

Generally speaking, we are not too anxious about rebalancing as much as we do in WoT PC, because in WoT Blitz we have our own balance, which at the moment is being shaped.

Q: Are you going to add tanks with autoloaders to the game, like the T57 Heavy for instance?

There are currently several issues with the balance for lightly armored tanks with autoloader mechanisms, so we can't share any info regarding the so-called “non-classic tanks” for now. Meanwhile, we will be adding more 'classical tanks' as time goes by (e.g. IS-4 branch, Maus branch).

Q: Will battle replays be implemented in WoT Blitz?

Yes. We have the prerequisite technical basis for this function and we'll be looking at introducing it in future.

Q: In iOS 8, developers will have an opportunity to use Touch ID in their applications, will this feature be supported in WoT Blitz?

We currently do not have any plans to support this feature. Metal will remain our primary development choice. Learn more about Metal here

Q: We are told that the level of battles for Tier III-IV vehicles will be changed in Update 1.2.0, including the T2 Light. What is the reason behind this?

This change is in fact an extension of the sandbox. It is made in order to ensure a smoother introduction to the game for newcomers and prepare them for tougher battles on higher tiers.

Q: What is in the future for Tier VIII vehicles?

Tier VIII vehicles will most likely be improved in terms of their performance in battle in Update 1.3 - we couldn't implement the changes in time for Update 1.2. The Lowe and Dicker Max will definitely be receiving a buff. In general, it is quite likely that high-tier Premium vehicles will have their battle performance enhanced.

With regards to profitability, we will continue to analyze the data before making any changes. Increasing the profitability of Premium tanks will be done conservatively.

After we're done balancing the characteristics of the vehicles, we'll move on to examining the economic side of things. Right now, the credit income per battle for regular Tier VIII vehicles seem to be slightly higher than intended due to an uneven distribution in battle levels (there are few Tier IX-X vehicles currently in-game at the moment).

Q: When will battle missions become available in the game client?

Battle missions will most likely not be included in Update 1.3; we'll need more time to finetune the feature before it's ready for the live servers.

Q: Will you be adding Clans, tank companies and training rooms?

We're currently planning to add training rooms and probably tank companies as well, in several formats. For instance, they may be available in 5v5 or 7v7 battles. Clans will be added in future too.