Changes to Battle Missions

In the latest Update 1.1, some changes have been implemented to the Battle Missions system in World of Tanks Blitz.

Players with excellent performance may attempt a series of missions where you can earn in-game Gold! There are a total of 6 Mastery tasks available for different tiers.


Tier V-VII - 95;

Tier VIII - 145;

Tier IX - 175;

Tier X - 195.


Note: The appearance of Mastery battle missions are at random. Complete more missions to generate the new tasks.


After looking through game statistics, the devs reconsidered conditions of some battle missions and their rewards. Here are the new changes that took place:

  • Very difficult missions were simplified. Missions that were frequently skipped by players were removed.
  • The reward of 10% of battle missions are replaced with Premium days. Players will be able to receive this reward more often.
  • Size of rewards has been increased for almost ¼ of all available battle missions.
  • Missions from the “Spearhead Platoon” series are now easier to complete. However, the reward upon completion has been readjusted as well. Players will receive up to 200,000  for big missions like “Heavy Tank Hunter”.


“Master” Award

This one’s probably the most epic achievement a Tank Commander can attain. A “Master” Award will be granted when you achieve more than the average value of max EXP of 99% of players on a particular vehicle in the past week.