Introducing Update 2.0: Clans

Tank Commanders,

As you may have guessed, Clans are coming to World of Tanks Blitz with Update 2.0 (We hope you are good at thinking up catchy names)! Assemble your friends or find new allies on our forum. Get ready for a deeper gaming experience and a new way to play!

Why Join a Clan?

Joining a Clan is all socialising while playing! Meet new players online and team up for glory! Membership of a clan is rewarding and can really helps with finding platoon-mates to complete Battle Missions or to boost your progress through the game!

Recruitment, Finding a Clan and Rankings

Players can be invited to join by the Deputy Commanders and Commanders of existing Clans. More information on exactly how this will happen will be made available soon.

When you are in a clan, you will be assigned one of the following ranks:

  • Private  fresh recruits, the bread and butter of the clan, the life and soul, the foot soldiers.
  • Deputy Commander  the right-hand of the Commander, also shares responsibility for clan recruitment and dismissal.
  • Clan Commander – the head honcho, the big cheese, the leader and responsible for naming of the clan.

Creating a Clan of Your Own

If you are a not currently a clan member, found your own! On your account you must have a minimum of one vehicle at Tier V or higher to be able to do this. You will then be asked to fill some necessary information for this new clan. It must comply with the rules and regulations stipulated.

Full details on this, as well other things related to this first iteration of Clans is on the way, so stay tuned!