Coming Soon! Girls und Panzer Tiger I [Updated]

Tank Commanders,

If you were wondering what was going on with a cat wearing a hat, this is it: The hat belongs to the school uniform of Kuromorimine Girls High School. You can find the hat modelled by Tank Commander Maho Nishizumi below.

We are happy to announce yet another Girls und Panzer tank to grace the vehicle collection in World of Tanks Blitz. It is none other than Maho's Tiger I! In the game, the tank is listed as "Kuro Mori Mine". 

Those who have watched Girls und Panzer would recognize the Kuro Mori Mine as the tank that Maho Nishizumi commands. Maho is the sister and antagonist of main character Miho Nishizumi. In the final fight, it was Miho's Pz. IV Anko vs Maho's Tiger I.

Antagonist tank or not, this is one tank you definitely will want in your collection.

Stay tuned on for more details!

Note: The Kuro Mori Mine will be operated by the regular World of Tanks Blitz crew, using the classic voice-overs.