Coming soon: Missions

Tank Commanders!

Version 1.8 introduces plenty of new features to the game, and missions are one of the most important of them. Now, each Tank Commander will have several diverse goals to achieve (besides the most obvious one, victory). Complete the missions and get rewards!

How Does It Work?

The first time you enter the Garage after the update, you will see a new button in the top left corner; tapping it will open the missions menu. 

Each player gets a set of three missions of different difficulty levels:

  • From simple: cause 400 HP of damage in one battle
  • To advanced: together with your platoon mate, destroy at least four enemy vehicles and cause a minimum 6,000 HP of damage in one battle.

Tap the mission card to get detailed information on that mission.

If you don’t like the conditions of a certain mission for any reason, you can skip it. You can skip one mission in 24 hours.

Moreover, missions come in three different types, with different categories of requirements:

  1. Missions for one battle are performed in a single battle.
  2. Cumulative missions, performed over several battles.
  3. Platoon missions, which must be performed together with a platoon mate. Platoon missions can also be cumulative or single-battle.


Performing and Getting New Missions

To perform a mission, you simply need to play and fulfill the required mission conditions. You will receive your reward right after the battle.

Each performed mission is marked as completed.

Change of performed or skipped missions happens two times every 24 hours, at the same time as the reset of the double experience bonus for the victory. Unperformed missions are kept until they are either performed or skipped.


The main point of missions is the challenge that they offer to your skill at controlling vehicles. But, of course, you can also look forward to the rewards for your achievements. A reward may consist of:

  • Premium Account
  • Experience
  • Free Experience
  • Crew Experience
  • Credits

Now you know everything you need to know about missions. The challenge is set; it’s time to accept it!