Delutece and Friends Streaming Session [Update]

Streamer Killer [Update]

This spot is reserved for the player who single-handedly destroys most of the host team in 1 battle. 

  • devinekid98 from the [STEEL] clan

devinekid98 stepped into the very last game of the stream and achieved 4 kills!



Tank Commanders,

It's the weekend, let's play! On our side, we've got Delutece (Asia's Blitz Producer) and a gang of friends. Some of them may be familiar to you as video contributors and streamers. You will also get to see other friends like CarvinMarvin, CellBrock, and SnakeEyes.

They will be online for 1 hour in a training room called "Delutece and Friends Stream". If you're up for a battle, join them for some fun! There will be a mini contest with a cool prize too.

Check below for more information.


Event Start: 04 June, 2016 (Saturday) @ 10:30 UTC+8 (02:30 UTC)

Event End: 04 June, 2016 (Saturday) @ 11:30 UTC+8 (03:30 UTC)


Nothing too complicated - the player who destroys the most members of the host team will win a reward.

Note: In the case where several players get the same amount of kills, the Streamer Killer will be picked from the pool of winners at random.


  • 3 Days of Premium Time
  • The honourable mention of you as "Streamer Killer" on this page

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