5 Reasons Why You Will Want to Join a Clan

Enjoy discounts and bonuses, play side by side with your friends, earn universal respect, and receive a hearty welcome wherever you go...

That’s not the life of an international sport star, but the everyday life of a clan player in World of Tanks Blitz. What’s so interesting about clans and why should you get a move on to find or create a team of your own? Well, there are at least five reasons to join a clan, and here they are!

Reason No. 1: A penny saved is a penny earned

Members of clans with a high Supply level get access to many bonuses: discounts on vehicles, repairs and consumables, as well as the ability to purchase a Garage slot using credits. And the list of perks keeps growing! All that you have to do to unlock new Supply levels is play and earn combat experience.

Reason No. 2: A new way to fight!

A training room with 7 vehicles on each team, fighting on one of the familiar maps—what’s new about that? But once you have played in a team where everyone follows the commander’s orders, it will become clear: there’s a huge difference between a clan battle and a random battle. Show off your combat prowess in an organised team or become a commander yourself, and clinch a victory over a worthy opponent!

Reason No. 3: Respect from allies and fear from enemies

A clan with a famous name is a backstage pass to the top of the tank community. Your opinion is respected, you are supported in battles, and sometimes even your mere presence is enough to terrify your enemy. The main thing is to fight bravely and defend the honour of your clan. And remember: it is one thing to join a strong clan, but another to help a clan become strong.

Reason No. 4: Birds of a feather

Clans often grow into large game communities, and virtual comrades in arms become real-life friends. Friends may not only help you with in-game advice, but also provide you with everyday support outside of the game. And just imagine the number of new travel destinations that might open up to you!

Reason No. 5. The future belongs to clans

When a new event with good awards is announced or when a tournament is organised, it may prove to be very difficult to quickly form a team and confront the perfectly coordinated teams that were prepared for such an occasion. Join a clan now, pave your way to glory!