Girls und Panzer: Collection

Didn’t expect this? Here it is—a second chance to get rare tanks from the Girls und Panzer universe. Three series of tasks are waiting for you, each of them offering a special tank as a reward, as well as credits, boosters, Spare Parts, and other bonuses.

A new special tank destroyer, the Hetzer Kame SP, will appear in the game for the first time. And the Panzer IV Anko SP and Kuro Mori Mine tanks were previously available only once. If you missed the in-game events with these tanks before, you can catch up now and build your own collection of Girls und Panzer vehicles! 

By the way, those who manage to collect all vehicles will also be rewarded with a medal.

What will I fight for?

The main prize is three special vehicles:

Garage slots are also included. If you already have the Kuro Mori Mine or Panzer IV Anko, the compensation for each vehicle will comprise 100,000.

“GuP: Collector” Commemorative Token

To get a medal, you need to play at least one battle using any vehicle from June 21 to August 16 and also have the following vehicles in the hangar:

  • Hetzer Kame SP
  • Panzer IV Anko Special
  • Kuro Mori Mine

Experience, Boosters, Credits, and Spare Parts


Players, who complete all task series, will receive the following rewards in addition to the main prizes:

  • 70 Commendation Tokens (20 Commendation Tokens = 24 hours of premium account)
  • 100 standard boosters
  •  27,000 Spare Parts
  • 150,000

Attention! Individual Start


The event will be held from 5 June (00:00 UTC) until 2 July (00:00 UTC). But for each player it will start only after they log into the game for the first time during this period. This means that you can start the in-game event when it is convenient for you and not have to worry about missing out on rare tanks because of a vacation or urgent business.

It works as follows: upon first entering the game from 5 June (00:00 UTC) to 19 June (00:00 UTC), the 12-day countdown starts for you. During this period, you can earn special currencies and spend them to complete event stages. When the 12-day period is over, it will be possible to complete the remaining stages using only gold and previously collected event currencies.

If you log into the game on 19 June (11:59 UTC), the 12 day period will finish for you on 1 July (11:59 UTC). But you’d better not put it off until the last minute, you should get started before you miss your opportunity.

What Should I Do?


Fight as well as you can, play in high-tier vehicles and, preferably, in a platoon.

During the event, you will earn three special currencies:

Cases—for the Hetzer Kame SP

Earned by completing missions.

  • The higher the tier of the vehicle used to complete the mission, the more Cases awarded.
  • The number of Cases awarded for completing a mission, will be displayed on the mission screen.
  • Premium Account bonus is not applied to Cases.

 Banners — for the Kuro Mori Mine and Panzer IV Anko SP

Earned in battles: for each victory, you will receive 1,000–1,350 Banners, and for a loss or draw—250–340 Banners.

  • The higher the tier of the vehicle used in battle, the more Banners earned.
  • Premium Account increases Banners received by 50%.

Platoon Trophies—for additional rewards and transfer between the task series

Earned in platoon battles: for a victory, each platoon member will receive 1,000–1,350 Platoon Trophies, and for a loss or draw—250–340 Platoon Trophies.

  • The higher the tier of the vehicle used in the platoon battle, the more Platoon Trophies earned.
  • Premium Account increases Platoon Trophies received by 50%.

Information about Girls und Panzer Vehicles


Hetzer Kame SP

A custom variation of the Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer taken from the anime series "Girls und Panzer". It is operated by the Kame Team, led by Anzu Kadotani, from Oarai Girls High School. The Hetzer Kame SP played a crucial role in Oarai's victory over Kuromorimine Girls High School in the finals.

Panzer IV Anko SP

A custom version of the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.D, created based on the Girls und Panzer anime series where it is operated by the Angler crew. The Panzer IV Anko Special boasts a unique feature: while driving this tank, you will hear unique voiceovers from the anime series.

Kuro Mori Mine

In the Girls und Panzer series universe, the Kuro Mori Mine is the tank of Kuromorimine High School, based on the Tiger I. The tank commander is Maho Nishizumi, a sister of Miho Nishizumi. Miho is known as the commander of the Panzer IV Anko Special.