Update 2.4 Issues – Dev Responses [Updated]

Update: A new fix was implemented on 19 December, 2015.

Android Only:
1) Fixed problem when parts of tanks or buildings on maps are invisible in battle.
2) Fixed crash while downloading and unpacking game resources.

Update 2.4 brought us new game content: Japanese tanks, updated maps “Lost Temple” and the long-awaited “Himmelsdorf”. We added dozens of balance changes, as a result, it has become easier and quicker to research low tier vehicles.

With the release of a new version, some players encountered different kinds of issues.

We decided to explain the reasons of major problems and how we plan to fix them.

FPS dropped, the game crashes from time to time.

The improvement of the most important game component, namely graphic engine, became one of the major changes in the update 2.4. It helped to significantly improve the game performance on majority of devices.

However, such big technical updates on the game client do not come without any transition period issues. Affected devices are mostly those from the Android OS. WoT Blitz can be easily played on hundreds of different Android devices, however, it is almost impossible to optimize the game for each specific smartphone or a tablet at a stroke. For this reason, the performance and game stability went down a little on some devices.

We have already found the main causes of these problems and released a micro-update which fixed the issue on most devices.

Textures disappear in-game, something strange happens to the inscriptions.

These problems also resulted from the update of the graphic engine. We’ll fix these issues in the nearest micro-update.

Exiting the battle is taking much time.

This problem occurs only after a fixed sequence of steps entered by a user, for this reason it affects a small number of players. We found the cause of the problem and will fix it in the next update.

The battery of the device is becoming flat very quickly.

After releasing the micro-update for devices with performance issues, we will focus on fixing issues with increased power consumption. Unfortunately, there is no estimated timing available of when the issue will be fixed.


Update 2.4 brought a number of problems, which directly affects comfortable gameplay and battle performance. However, we hope for your understanding. The new graphic engine gave the Developer team access to new instruments and opportunities. Having all this, we will be able to improve the performance and graphics in World of Tanks Blitz.

We want to thank all players for the quick responses and feedback about the problems which appeared after the update.

Kind Regards,
World of Tanks Blitz Developer Team