Incorrect Login Issues

Dear Players,

If you find that your credits, vehicles, or game progress are missing after login, please re-enter the game using a proper authorization option:

  • If you previously used your Wargaming ID to enter the game, please use your password to log in.

  • If your Game Center/Google Play account was linked to your Wargaming ID or if you played using a Game Center/Google Play account without your Wargaming ID, select the appropriate social media to log in.

After you have logged in to your profile, you will see the familiar view of your Garage with all vehicles and will be able to continue playing.

To avoid a similar situation in the future, we recommend that you link your WG.ID to your account in Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play. You can adjust this setting in Menu > Profile.

Note: If you have played World of Tanks Blitz before, we advise you not to tap the arrow button in the top left corner of the authorization screen.