Introducing our new Community Live-Streamers!

Tank Commanders!

What's better than playing World of Tanks Blitz? Answer: watching other people play World of Tanks Blitz. If you're looking for a nice, likeable streamer to watch, this article is for you.

Our community streamers Bushka, Craftysteve and HughbertJass have always provided helpful gameplay advice on the forums, but they also maintain active Twitch/Youtube channels where they broadcast their games live, peppered with useful information that could improve your skill in battle. Don't take our word for it though - have a look at their profiles and view some of their videos below. Enjoy, and don't forget to tune in when they're live!


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Gday Earthlings, 
My name is Bushka.  I work in the property market by day, but by night I am a stunningly handsome and athletic Youtuber, with a rich sense of humour and a generous nature.
My wife is Mrs. Bushka & My son is The little Bushka.  My older son is the Dramatically less Little Bushka. 

I’m from Sydney Australia and this whole youtube channel/streaming thing with people watching me and thinking it’s entertaining, is some gloriously hilarious accident played by the universe on the rest of humanity.
I stream at least once a week, generally around 8:30PM GST +10 (Sydney time) and the general format is me some mates, and a discord channel talking complete dribble and taking the mick out of each other.  A lot of banter, a lot of cutting grass, and many double entendres will be presented to you the viewing public. 

I have a successful little blitz channel rolling which has now had well in excess of 1 Million views, and I commune regularly with the humans on the Asian server forums.
I post a lot of content, and try to keep the action as light hearted as possible.  The mission statement for my channel is Helping the Humans and I’d like to think that I put as much information and raw cunning into mix as I can, to get guys and girls who are starting the game a leg up on the learning curve (which is bloody steep).

So rock on people and stay safe on the battlefield.


Heyo guys!
I’m craftysteve and I'm from Australia, and I enjoy showing off my gameplay in the form of livestreams and youtube videos of my favourite game, World of Tanks Blitz!

I’m a pretty decent player and I enjoy nothing more than showcasing my skills through streaming and gameplay videos. I started playing world of tanks blitz just after its full release, and started getting fully into it in December of 2014. 

Ever since I’ve played this game I’ve always dreamed of being able to record my gameplay as well as livestream, like I have with other games, and my dream became a reality when I invested in the hardware to do so. I’ve been streaming almost every week now since March of 2016, and boy has it been fun. 

On top of streaming regularly I also run a youtube channel which showcases some awesome games that I have from time to time, and I’m just starting to put some commentary over those to hopefully make them more entertaining.

Other than blitz my main hobbies are sport and building tank models (built 7 to date, working on my 8th now). I also enjoy playing other games such as hearthstone as well as World of Tanks on the PC.
I have some great plans for the future which include more action and involvement with my subs such as platooning livestreams and the like.

Thanks for stopping by.


Hello, my name is Hughbert Jass of Hughbert Jass Gaming. I have been a gamer for a VERY long time. My 9 to 5 day job is in corporate IT with a financial institution, but in my free time I create videos for my YouTube channel, as well as Blitz videos for WarGaming Asia, and, as a thank you to my many subscribers and followers,

I do two live streams each week, one from the Asia server and one from the NA Server, called Platoon Sunday.  Each Sunday I platoon with as many people as possible in the time available, and then post the video from the stream on my YouTube channel for all to watch.  

Recently, I have upgraded much of my equipment and will now be able to stream PC games as well such as World of Tanks and World of Warships, and I am really looking forward to doing this on a regular a basis!  I have also been thinking quite a bit lately about doing a regular (weekly) live stream info/entertainment/talk show discussing this weeks happenings around different games and have live guests where appropriate to enhance the presentation.  This requires a bit more thinking on my part before it can happen.