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Tank Commanders,

Hope you're having a good time shooting at tanks and winning battles! While you were busy, we've been hard at work making the finishing touches on our Facebook pages dedicated to World of Tanks Blitz. It's all done now, though - they're now open and available for all players to browse freely.

Each Facebook page is dedicated to a single specific country or region. Check out the list below to find the one most suitable for you!

"Why should I 'Like' the page?"

When you 'Like' the Facebook page for Blitz, you'll get news and updates about important stuff for the game even when you're not playing. We'll let you know about special offers from time to time (including shop discounts), screenshots of upcoming additions to the game and general knowledge about tanks both in World of Tanks Blitz and in the real world.

More importantly however, our Facebook page will also be the source of some exciting contests with equally cool prizes! These contests will be exclusive to our Facebook pages - you won't be hearing them anywhere else.

We're already getting ready for a huge contest that's coming very soon, so be sure to 'Like' our page to get ready for it!