Network Issues: Fixes in Progress [Updated]

Note: A hotfix was implemented on 25 May, 2016 to address the lag and freeze issues.

Dear Players,

To ensure that your game experience always remains comfortable and pleasant, we constantly monitor the condition of server equipment and analyse statistics for connection and data exchange with the server. We do our best to promptly fix any errors identified as part of scheduled reboots.

On 19 May we released another server update. In this update, we fixed simultaneous team freezes and several other network issues that were faced by some players after the release of version 2.9. This server update will tackle short-term lag and freezing.

We recently told you about switching to the new version of the BigWorld engine and talked about the reasons for doing so. Several network errors, which occurred after update 2.9 had been released, are the result of that change; they are by no means connected with a high number of training rooms or a lack of server power as some of you might have thought. You can continue creating new training rooms and battling in them: it will definitely not slow down the server.

Currently, we are improving our systems for server statistics and game client productivity analysis, so that in future we can establish the reasons for such issues and quickly deal with them. We will continue to introduce server updates that gradually solve the bugs found, so that nothing prevents our tankers from battling freely and enjoying the game. 

A hotfix will be scheduled soon to fix other existing issues.