New Anti-AFK Policy

We hear you. An increasing amount of AFK issues have been received by our Support team. Keep the reports coming with proof. Players who are inactive in battle will be banned if they have been reported with clear evidence.

How to Make a Report:

  1. Gather evidence: Take screenshots (eg. of the offender(s) in the same spot at two different timings)/videos/other forms of clear evidence.
  2. Send a support ticket.
  3. Provide these details in the ticket:
    • AFK player's IGN
    • Links to evidence gathered (screenshots, videos, etc)
    • Time and date of observation



  • 1st Offense – 1 day game ban
  • 2nd Offense – 3 days game ban
  • 3rd Offense – 7 days game ban
  • 4th Offense – 14 days game ban

Each situation will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Wargaming reserves the right to judge if players will receive a ban. A permanent ban on an offender's account will be issued in severe circumstances where a temporary ban is deemed insufficient.

An in-game fix to deter inactive players is now in the works. Until then, this policy will be enforced to provide a better gaming environment for everyone.