Reporting from Yamato Harbor, Commander!

Welcome Aboard!

In Yamato Harbor, it’s quite hard not to notice its main feature - the graceful Imperial battleship Yamato. The warship takes up about half of the map and serves as a great landmark for players. The ship’s sides have bridges that can be used to board the battleship.

The base in Encounter mode is located right on the ship!

Warehouses, cargo cranes, numerous containers, and
construction materials are located near the moorage. The industrial zone, together with the battleship, will be more suitable for heavy tanks and tank destroyers: there are many bypasses and solid shelters for one-shot gameplay, and bridges for going hull down.

Enough Room to Go Wild!

Hills stretch out to the east of the port and are separated from it by a block of buildings. Light and medium tanks will use the hills and troughs for cross-fire and, if they succeed, outflanking the enemies to catch them off guard.

Very soon you will be able to explore every bit of the port area, enjoy the view of the powerful Yamato, or simply take a tour across the greenery yourself. Meanwhile, we invite you to take the first look at the new map from some choice angles.