Overlord Answers #5 - Part 1

Tank Commanders,

Thanks for your feedback about World of Tanks Blitz! Here are answers from Overlord:

Will missions be introduced?

Yes. That’s exactly what we are working on now.

Will tanks with autoloaders show up this year?

Most likely, yes.

What will be the approximate maximum number of people who can join a clan in Blitz?

Right now we’re thinking around 50.

Will there be a bonus for “tanking”?

We plan to introduce such a bonus.

Will missions in WoT Blitz be similar to personal missions in the PC version?

Missions will be personal from the start, which means they will be different for all players. We plan to add them in one of the big future releases.

Is the received damage indicator going to become yellow, like in the PC version?

Yes, it is.

How will players who intentionally block other tanks be punished?

We’re thinking to introduce a system of reports for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Will experience points be given for courageous resistance?

That’s our plan. The system will be similar to the one in the PC version.

Will the camera move to and away from the tank by using pinch and zoom gestures?

Most likely, no. Such gestures would conflict with the rotation of the camera. A special zone on the screen would be needed to make it happen.

The PC version offers a possibility to receive more experience points when on a premium tank, and it also has a bonus for crew training. Will these features be available in WoT Blitz?

Not in the near future, but maybe at a later time.

Will it be possible to regulate the speed of the vehicle by using short and long pans on the joystick?

We’ve tried it in previous versions, but it turned out to be very confusing and most players had trouble controlling their speed with a joystick.

When will the German tanks stop burning when hit in the front armor?

The upcoming versions will not contain any changes in the transmission and engine section (the chance of fire is high due to their current arrangement).

Will you bring in the Binocular Telescope and Camouflage Net activation icons?

Yes, we plan to introduce such icons.

Will you hold open beta tests of the future versions, as is done in the PC WoT?

We won’t hold open tests, but there will be a kind of extended super test with Google Beta and, maybe, iOS Test Flight.

Will you throw in the Object 263?

Not for now.

Will Blitz have unique awards that won’t be available in the PC version?

Yes, we are planning to bring such awards in.

Do you plan to introduce any fun modes?

As of now, we don’t have such plans. Maybe in the future.

Will clans and camouflage appear in version 1.8?

We will introduce many major features in update 1.8, but clans and camouflage will come in later versions.

Will players receive reward vehicles like the VK 72.01 or the M60 for any missions?

It is too early for tank rewards. The first version of missions will not include them.

Will the FV215b(183) branch be introduced?

This tank will appear sometime in the future.

Will shell penetration marks be added?

They will, but not very soon.

What is the progress with the Metal technology?

Our progress is not very speedy. Recently, we have been working mostly on optimization for Android, and partially for iOS. The engine team has been focused on performance improvements. The engine architecture does not allow for significant graphics enhancement with the Metal technology because we have to deal with processor restrictions. Anyway, we are going to continue our research. The graphic improvements will include lighting, terrain, and vehicle normal maps, but don’t expect them soon.

Shall we expect Himmelsdorf map in version 1.9?

Yes, not earlier than in version 1.9, for sure. I can’t give you an exact date just yet.

Are you going to replace the current reticle with the server reticle?

We don’t have such plans. 

How are things going with city maps?

We’re on them. We are working on a map similar to Himmelsdorf. It is not clear yet whether we will be able to add it in version 1.7 or later. In update 1.8 a simple and symmetrical map for beginners will likely be introduced.

When will players be able to see detailed award descriptions in order not to guess how many “kills” are required to receive the award? We are particularly interested in Expert awards.

We will add such descriptions in future.

Is Adreno 305 optimization expected for Android?

We don’t work particularly on Adreno 305 or other individual accelerators. We focus mostly on general engine architecture enhancements in order to improve game performance on multiple devices. And we are going to proceed in this direction. So the performance will further improve in future. 

Replays were disabled in version 1.6. Has that helped to improve performance?

It was expected to improve network performance (freezes, lags). Now we are processing statistics and players’ feedback.