Overlord Answers #5 - Part 2

Tank Commanders,

If you're curious about the new improvements and additions that are scheduled for release this year, check Part 2 of the Overlord's Answers below!



Are training rooms ready? When will this feature be introduced?

Training rooms are not ready yet. We are not going to introduce them in the near future.

What updates are expected in version 1.9?

New vehicles will be added in upcoming versions, including American tank destroyers and German medium tanks, as well as transition tanks like the KV-2.

Will the Е25 be reworked considerably for Blitz purposes? Should we expect it in the first quarter of 2015?

This vehicle will retain its particular advantages. But don’t expect it in Q1.

Will mimimap sectors be numbered, as they are in the PC version of WoT?

We have been thinking about it. We are waiting for the planned improvement of the minimap to introduce these and other enhancements.

If French vehicles are added, how will they be introduced?

French vehicles will most likely be introduced in several stages.

When will the Leopard branch be added?

In version 1.9 or 1.10

Will the Löwe be rebalanced and improved?

We are going to rebalance high-tier vehicles. The Löwe may also be rebalanced, because, according to statistics, it doesn’t perform very well.

Will you add an option for disabling additional effects in the game client?

We are working on effects performance optimization now.

Do you test the application performance on Intel devices? Do you plan any optimization specifically for Intel processors?

We are not interested specifically in Intel processors. Now we’re focused on optimizing the engine architecture, which will enhance performance on most devices.

Which tank characteristics will you change in the near future?

We will slightly rebalance medium tanks and tank destroyers in 1.7.

Will you improve and extend battle tutorials within the game?

Update 1.8 will feature significantly extended battle tutorials. Also, we will introduce tooltips for load screens, and will further develop tutorials in subsequent updates.

Can you lift the veil from the content of your major 1.8 update?

Too early to disclose it. We expect combat missions will appear. Players will be awarded with credits, XP, free XP and crew XP for completion of the missions. After 1.8 we will introduce individual missions rewarded with unique tanks, achievements, camouflage.

Will you introduce changes to graphics?

At the moment, performance is our top priority. Graphics will be improved later. Hit marks, lighting, terrain, and tank textures are coming.

Will you implement protection against accidental sale of premium vehicles?

Yes, we will. However, not in the near future.

Which vehicles will replace British tank destroyers in 1.8?

New tanks, at least researchable tanks, are unlikely to appear in 1.8.

Will it be possible to long press a button for automatic fire?

We'll investigate and consider it.

Will you revamp the team matchmaker, for example +1/-1 tiering?

We will not switch to +1/-1 any time soon. We think it will worsen the diversity of battles. One of early WoT PC versions tried to consider modules, but this system malfunctioned and was unpredictable. As far as the matchmaker is concerned, we have to use what we have. We are waiting for improvements from WoT PC team.

Will the T57 and the Bat-Chatillon appear before the end of the year?

Not in the foreseeable future.

Will you add premium Tier X vehicles?

Not this time.

When will you introduce the FCM 50 t?

This vehicle will appear this year.

Update 1.8 will feature missions. When will personal missions appear?

Blitz missions will differ from PC missions. Players will have their own sets of missions depending on their game progress. A total of 3 missions will be available at a time, and up to 9 per day. Players will be able to skip missions they don't like.

When will you fix the camera zoom-in bug on the Malinovka map?

Update 1.8 will fix it.

Can you give details on the rebalancing of top level vehicles (Tier VII-X) in 1.7?

We nerfed tank destroyers by reducing their auxiliary technical characteristics.

Are light tanks of up to Tier VIII coming to Blitz? If so, when?

We'd like to roll out German Tier VIII light tanks this year.

Will a Tech tree of Chinese medium tanks be in place this year?

We haven't made up our minds yet.

Some time ago (probably in 2013) the forum discussed "artillery support" skill. Why did you abandon the idea? Will you ever implement this skill?

This skill was rejected because it was hard to implement. But it is still on the map.

When will you prohibit troll platoons, combining a high-tier tank with a low-tier one?

It is easy to prohibit such platoons on the server. But it is rather difficult to explain to players why such behavior is inappropriate. Anyway, we are planning to resolve this problem in future.

As far as the T-50-2 is concerned, will it appear in Blitz as an exclusive content?

We have no plans to introduce it.

Will new modes appear in the near future?

We are developing missions and clan modes. As for random battle sub-modes, they did not meet our expectations in 2014. So, we'll take our time.

When will you introduce a depot?

Blitz will not have a depot.

Will you include damage blocked by armor in the battle results?

We plan to update the battle results. We'll try to take this into account.