Rise of Continents Starts Soon!

Tank Commanders,

The biggest battle yet will be here on Monday, 28 September, 2015! Let's do our best together in Rise of Continents by fighting as seriously as we could. Even if you don't feel like going all out with your highest-tiered vehicles and best gear, your online presence counts too!

The Asia Blitz team will be on the forums with encouragement to help you win. Not to mention, World of Tanks Blitz's Asia Producer (IGN: Delutece) will make personal appearances on the EN forums!

At the moment, our ally Delutece has a few words for us too: "PLAY MORE & PLAY SMART!"

Quick recap - this is what Asia will be ranked on:

  • Number of Battles played
  • Number of German tanks destroyed
  • Number of USA tanks destroyed
  • Number of Soviet tanks destroyed
  • Number of British tanks destroyed
  • Number of platoons created
  • Number of Epic Medals acquired
  • Number of Missions completed
  • Number of EXP earned
  • Number of Credits spent
  • Number of Tier VIII tanks played (which started a battle)
  • Max number of users simultaneously connected

What are the rewards?

If Asia emerges as the top continent, you'll be rewarded. There will be awesome in-game premiums to be won along with physical prizes too.

For this event, Wargaming is proud to announce that our partner, Sennheiser, has some amazing rewards reserved for the top performers. Not only will the best win in-game rewards, they will also be eligible to receive some elite Sennheiser gear.


*models shown are the Sennheiser CX 2.00i, Sennheiser CX 2.00G version and Sennheiser Game ONE white.

For more information and to follow the event's progress, check the link below:


Rise of Continents - World of Tanks Blitz Forums