Update 2.1 - Royal Race

Tank Commanders,

Watch the main page of the wotblitz.asia portal! On the day Update 2.1 is released, a progress bar will be activated to mark the beginning of the "Royal Race". The progress bar represents 800,000 battles and a tank will move towards the goal as everyone contributes to the total score.

In case you're curious, here's how the progress bar looks like:

Note: The portal will show the Royal Race progress bar on 08 September, 2015 (15:00 UTC+8), but the battle count progress will only begin when the update is live on September 9th.

The Royal Race

Everyone on the Asia server with the following Tanks can contribute to the progress of the "Royal Race": The objective is to complete 800,000 battles before 18 September, 2015.

  • AT 2
  • AT 8
  • AT 7
  • AT 15
  • Tortoise
  • FV215b (183)


  • One player must play a minimum of 25 complete battles to qualify for the prize.
  • Participation will be restricted to Tier V-X of the new UK Tank Destroyer line.

Encourage your friends to play lots of battles together. Start unlocking the vehicles as soon as you can!

Great Prizes for All!

Involve yourself in the Royal Race and you'll receive:

  • 5 Days Premium Time
  • 1 Garage Slot

Note: Crediting of prizes will not be automatic but will be awarded at a later date.