Solution for Exploitation of Credits [Update]

Update: A message from World of Tanks Blitz Asia's Producer can be found here.

Update 2: Mistakenly removed Credits will be credited back to affected accounts. Players whose accounts have erroneously removed vehicles and consumables will be reimbursed with an equal amount of Credits. The date of the fix will be announced soon.

Update 3: Effects of incorrect withdrawal has been fixed with a scheduled server restart on 23 June, 2016. Credits that were removed incorrectly will be reimbursed. Affected users will receive 100% of purchase price of incorrectly removed vehicles, equipment and consumables.

Dear Players,

As you may know, there was a recent bug in training rooms that enabled players to receive free Credits. Some players have obtained billions of Credits through this bug.

We will take responsibility for this situation, so we will not be banning accounts of players who exploited the bug.

Instead, we will only withdraw Credits received through the bug and/or items equivalent to the value obtained.

Withdrawal Process

Credits and items obtained through the bug will be withdrawn on 15 June, 2016. 

Step 1: Credits

All credits obtained via cheating will be withdrawn from the player’s account.

Step 2: Vehicles

If the amount of credits on the player’s account is less than the amount obtained via cheating, the system will start to withdraw vehicles purchased starting from 3 June at full cost.

Step 3: Consumables

If the player’s debt is still not fully repaid after step two, the system will withdraw ammunition, provisions, consumables, and camouflages from all vehicles in the Garage (starting with Tier X vehicles).

Step 4: Equipment

If the debt is still not repaid in full, the system will start to withdraw equipment from all vehicles in the Garage (starting with Tier X vehicles).

Please take note that exploiting bugs and vulnerabilities of the game client violates the End User License Agreement and Game Rules and may result in a permanent ban of an account, among other penalties.