Special Collaboration: O-47 and Kunio Okawara

Tank Commanders,

There are inspiring people around the world who wholeheartedly follow their passions. Some of them achieve legendary status through their efforts. Without a doubt, one such person is mechanical designer, Okawara Kunio.

And we are proud to be working with him on the "O-47 project" where he will be designing a tank just for us!

More about Okawara-san

If you have ever dreamed of drawing mecha for a popular manga title, you might just have been inspired by one of Okawara-san's works. He is a pioneer of Mecha art and design in Japan. His work has been featured in many famous and well-loved titles, including the Gundam and Brave Series franchises.

What is the "O-47" Project?

This is a project so secret that a Wikipedia search will most likely lead to you some random info about an old American warplane. So far the only thing we can tell you now is that "O-47" is the codename we will be using for Okawara-san's tank design project. The rest will be for us to know and for you to find out at the Tokyo Game Show 2016.