Supremacy Mode [Updated]

After you have downloaded Update 3.0 and rushed into battle in your favourite tank, pay attention to the battle loading screen. You might be heading directly into the new Supremacy mode.

Note: This mode is available only for vehicles Tier V and above.

It’s almost like an Encounter Battle…But It’s Supremacy

This new battle mode has a lot in common with the Encounter battle mode that many of you are familiar with. Supremacy has the same 7-minute, 7-vs-7 format, and the same experience, credits, and medals awarded to players based on battle results. However, there are new victory conditions that will change up the game. The major difference will be the absence of a neutral base, meaning it will be impossible to end the battle immediately by capturing a base.

Destroy Them All

The main victory condition remains unchanged. Destroy all enemy vehicles before they destroy you and all your allies. Achieve that and victory will be yours for the taking! So, this proven strategy will work just the same for this new mode as for Encounter battles.

Earn 1,000 Victory Points

There is another way you can win in Supremacy. Earn victory points together with your allies and fill up the shared progress bar. The team who earns 1,000 victory points first is the winner. Learn more about points and filling the progress bar below.

Whose Progress Bar is Longer?

When the battle time expires, the server checks the victory points earned by the teams once again. In this case, the team that has earned more points by the end of the battle, becomes the winner. With this system in place, it becomes almost impossible for the battle to result in a draw.

Victory Points

Most of the maps in Supremacy mode will have three bases (A, B, and C) instead of one neutral base. There are also two progress bars for victory points at the top of the screen. When the battle starts, each team has 300 victory points.

Base Capture

To capture a base, a vehicle should enter the circle with a flag and stay inside for 15 seconds. The following rules apply during base capture:

  • If the vehicle leaves the circle or sustains damage (including module damage), capture progress is reset.
  • Capture stops if two players from the opposing teams stay inside the base circle at the same time.
  • Capture accelerates if there are several allied vehicles in the circle.
  • If any of the capturers leave the circle before the base is captured, their contribution to the capture progress is lost.

After a successful capture, the base brings 3–5 victory points every 2 seconds, depending on the map. Therefore, the team who has command over several bases at the same time will gather victory points faster.

If there are 3 bases on the map, each of them brings 5 victory points every 2 seconds. Except for the Mines and Castilla maps, where one base brings 4 victory points every 2 seconds.

Maps Himmelsdorf and Canal are special. They feature four bases each, and every base gives 3 victory points every 2 seconds.

If an enemy enters a base that was captured by your team, the base stops giving victory points, and after 15 seconds it becomes an enemy base, providing points to the enemy team.

In the new mode, the quick command panel will be extended for the sake of convenience. The “Capture the base!” command will be replaced with commands for capturing/defending each of the bases. This helps alert your allies quickly!

Destroying Vehicles

For destroying an enemy vehicle, your team gets 30 to 40 victory points, while the enemy team loses the same number of points. The number of points that transfer from one team to another depends on the tier of the vehicle destroyed: the vehicle of the highest tier in battle costs 40 points; the rest of the vehicles cost 30 points.

Example: if a battle is fought with Tier VII–VIII vehicles, you’ll receive 30 points for destroying a Tier VII vehicle, and 40 points for destroying a Tier VIII vehicle.

Dear players! Take note that if your team reaches 1000 Victory Points, your team wins. This is the case even if you are the last player standing on your team and you are destroyed just after reaching 1000 Victory Points!

Experience Bonus

Victory points earned not only bring you closer to victory, but are also converted into additional experience at the end of the battle. On the whole, in Supremacy mode, you can earn more experience than in Encounter battles, if you capture bases as well as destroy enemy vehicles. The team bonus will be indicated in the post-battle statistics as well.


You probably already have a lot of questions about this new mode. Here are answers to some of the questions you might have.

Are all maps available in the new mode?

Almost all of them. The gallery below contains all maps available in Supremacy (update 3.0) with respawns and bases indicated on them.

Will the new mode be available in training rooms?

In Update 3.0, only Encounter battles will be available in training rooms. We plan to add the new mode to training rooms in the future.

Can I disable Supremacy mode?

If you don’t like the new mode, you can disable it on the Other tab in Settings. 

Can platoons play in the Supremacy mode?

Yes, they can. However, if you and your platoonmate only want to play in the Encounter mode, both of you should disable the Supremacy mode in Settings. Otherwise, you’ll still have a chance of entering a Supremacy battle, even if it’s disabled for only one of you.

Will there be any new Awards in the new mode?

There won’t be any additional Awards in Update 3.0. Also, battles fought in Supremacy mode will not grant the following Awards: “Defender”, “Invader”, “Raider”, “Lavrinenko’s Medal”, and “Leclerc's Medal”. In future, this mode might feature its own Awards.