Transferring of Premium Tanks for Closed Beta Testers

Tank Commanders,

Some of you may have had a hand in shaping Blitz into what it is today, by participating in our Closed Beta Test before its launch.

Back then, we offered you the opportunity to purchase Premium tanks in the test store. Now that we're well past the testing stages and beyond, we'd like to compensate by transferring your purchases over to your current Blitz account.

How to transfer your purchases

  1. Forum threads have been opened to collect a list of players that wish to transfer the Premium tanks that they have purchased over to their current account. You can visit the thread here.
    In the forum thread, please make a post containing these required details:

    - The Beta Test server you were using (EU/NA/RU)
    - Your account's e-mail address & In-game Name (IGN)

  2. All transfer applications will cease on 15th August, after which the forum thread will close. We'll begin going through every post to form a list of accounts with valid purchases to be transferred.
  3. The actual transfer process will be conducted after the list is compiled. No further action is required on your part; your premium vehicles will appear on your account automatically once we begin the transfer.


Ready to get your tanks back? Let's get started!


Apply for your purchase transfer here