Update 1.5.1 has been released!

Tank Commanders!

The IS-6 is now available in the tech tree, along with some bug fixes and improvements.

Read more for the full patch notes!



Patch Notes


  • Tank IS-6:
    • The vehicle is added to the tech tree.
    • Added the purchase price of the tank - 7600 Gld.
  • Recovered old credit factor values for the tanks E 100, E 50, E 50M:
    • E 50 = 0.9807
    • E 50М = 0.9493
    • E 100 = 0.9712
  • Description of the skill effect corresponds to the level the skill is researched.
  • Added/fixed the following on the crew experience distribution window:
    • added the display of % of the new skill.
    • fixed the issue with the display of exclamation mark when all skills are acquired.
    • fixed the bug with the display of the skill research progress bar after all skills are acquired.
    • fixed the bug with the reset of the all acquired skills of users, who have insufficient amount of experience for researching all skills.
  • Fixed the display of the British flag.