Update 1.5 - Don't Mess with the Crew

Tank Commanders,

Update 1.5 will introduce a groundbreaking new feature to improve your tank's combat abilities - Crew Skills. Now, your crew members with 100% mastery have just gotten a lot more valuable. Upon reaching 100% mastery, a crew member is able to learn a skill.

For starters, 18 new Crew Skills will be introduced. Every tank type comes with its own unique set of skills that your crew can learn. These skills include: being able to fire on the move more easily, increasing tank reload speed, improving the tank's gun accuracy, and even increasing crew xp earned in battle.

Here's a preview of the Crew Skills that will be released in Update 1.5.



New Crew Skills

Light Tanks

  • Hasty Shot
  • Breakthrough
  • Soft Recoil


Medium Tanks

  • Rage
  • Penetration Boost
  • Mentor
  • Smooth Ride
  • Smooth Turret Traverse


Heavy Tanks

  • Robustness
  • Close Combat Master
  • Firefighting
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Repairs


Tank Destroyers

  • Sniper
  • Smooth Turn
  • Deadly Accuracy
  • Camouflage
  • Clutch Braking