Update 1.6: British Heavy Tanks

Tank Commanders!

Make way for the newest beasts coming to Blitz in the very near future. Update 1.6 will introduce a new heavy tank branch for the British tech tree, allowing you to expand your tank collection and utilise a uniquely fresh playstyle into the battlefield!

About the British heavy tank

The British traditionally employed heavy tanks for infantry support purposes throughout World War II and beyond. As they were meant to protect ground troops while traversing hostile territory, these tanks naturally emphasised thick armour while sacrificing mobility. Later on however, there was a shift in philosophy, which demanded more well-rounded tanks to suit a variety of roles.

This philosophy is neatly translated in World of Tanks Blitz. Expect the typical British heavy tank to be slow and ponderous while possessing (somewhat) tough hides for the first few tiers. As you move up the heavy tank branch however, you'll access more advanced versions that are more agile than its predecessors while still wielding an impressive gun.

Still not sure what to expect? Here's a brief overview of two British heavy tanks to give you a better idea of what they can offer.

Tier VII HT'Black Prince

The Black Prince was a prototype of the Churchill VII heavy tank, which served purely as an infantry support tank. Featuring an enlarged version of the Churchill VII chassis along with an upgraded turret and gun, one can expect the stock version of the Black Prince to move at a comparatively low speed. However, a few upgrades to the engine as well as other modules can transform this heavily armoured vehicle into one capable of leading the charge.

Tier IX HT Conqueror

As the penultimate vehicle in the British heavy tank line, the Conqueror is a fearsome machine indeed, with an agility unmatched by almost all other heavy tanks in its tier and a powerful gun with a relatively low reload time. Although it inherits its predecessor's weaker hull and turret as a result, this Tier IX tank functions well in a support role that can flank the enemy and target weak sections of armour.

More information about Update 1.6 will be coming soon. Check back often!