Update 1.6 is now LIVE!

Tank Commanders!

The British have just sent in reinforcements with Update 1.6! The new heavy tank line for the British tech tree is introduced in this latest update; choose from iconic vehicles such as the Black Prince or the Conqueror, and crush any who stand in your way.

A new map, 'Castilla', also makes its debut in World of Tanks Blitz in Update 1.6.This sunny town serves as an excellent backdrop for epic tank battles, perfect for a cool screenshot or two.

Aside from that, we're patching in more bug fixes and balance tweaks. Download the newest update now by visiting the Apple Appstore for your iOS device, or go to the Google Play Store instead for the Android version!

Warning: Outdated clients will not be able to run the game once Update 1.6 is released.


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