Update 1.10 Release Date

Tank Commanders,

A new map - Port, has emerged in World of Tanks Blitz! As its name suggests, it is an abandoned coastal port surrounded by hills. Teams can choose to adopt aggressive techniques and brawl out in open spaces or hide amongst the buildings in the port area to ambush the enemy.

More changes can be found in the Release Notes section below.

Update 1.10 will be released on 17 June

There will be a server maintenance on 17 June.

Premium Bonus

We want to give you an extra boost as you enjoy playing the new content -- 2 free days of Premium account time!

If you haven't tried playing with Premium, or use it sparingly, here's a great chance to play with increased XP and Credit earnings while you battle! And those currently playing with Premium will get these bonus days at no charge.

Premium Bonus Conditions

  • To receive the bonus, you must be a registered World of Tanks Blitz player before Saturday, June 20, 11:00 UTC+8.
  • In order to receive the 2 days Premium time, you will need to enter the game and play at least 1 battle during 20-22 June, 11:00 UTC+8. Regardless of result, you will receive the bonus immediately after the battle.
  • This bonus Premium time will only be active for 48 hours after the battle.


Release Notes

New Content:

  • New map Port Bay introduced: a map with mixed terrain in the North American setting.
  • New feature that allows resetting crew skills is added: now players will be able to redistribute earned crew experience.
  • Possibility to mark all news as read on the News tab added.
  • New type of equipment introduced: Automatic Fire Extinguisher (replaces Manual Fire Extinguisher).


Balance Improvements:

  • Jagdpanther
    • HP increased from 920 to 1050.
    • For 8,8 cm Pak L/56 gun, reload speed decreased from 5.4 to 5.2 s.
    • For 8,8 cm Pak 43 L/71 gun, reload speed decreased from 5.54 to 5.2 s; aiming speed decreased from 2.3 to 1.7 s.
    • View range extended to 250 m.
  • T25 AT
    • HP increased from 890 to 980. 
    • For 90 mm AT Gun T15E2 gun, reload speed decreased from 6.7 to 5.7 s.
    • For 105 mm AT Gun T5E1 gun, reload speed decreased from 8.7 to 8 s.
  • T25/2
    • HP increased from 850/900 (stock/top modification) to 970/1020 (stock/top modification).
    • For 90 mm AT Gun M3 gun, reload speed decreased from 7.16 to 6.8 s.
    • For 90 mm AT Gun T15E2 gun, reload speed decreased from 7.16 to 5.7 s.
  • Т28
    • For 90 mm AT Gun T15E2 gun, reload speed decreased from 6.4 to 5.7 s.
  • T28 Prototype 
    • For 90 mm AT Gun T15E2 gun, reload speed decreased from 6.97 to 5.7 s.


 Fixes and Improvements

  • Skills interface reworked:
    1. On reaching 100% mastery on a certain vehicle the player will receive a special notification.
    2. Skill description section will now include the additional information on the current skill progress, current tier upgrade, and the amount of experience required for the further upgrade.
    3. Images of vehicles added to the buttons that lead to the vehicle skill training screen.
  • Platoon creation system reworked; a limitation on entering a platoon game introduced when the vehicles differ by more than one tier.
  • Conditions of some missions reworked; rewards raised. Bugs in reward issuing fixed.
  • Arabic voiceovers reworked: radio effect reduced; speech intelligibility improved (AR).
  • Icons to cycle between viewing other vehicles, after the player was destroyed in battle, reworked.
  • Destroying the vehicle when all crew members are injured disabled: now in such case the player will be able to continue the battle until his HP reaches zero. 
  • Possibility to enter more experience than the player has on the skill training screen added: in this case, the player will get the following notification: “Not enough Free Experience”.



  • Bug with incorrect display of one-time offers for Premium Account purchase fixed.
  • Battle loading screen improved: more space for vehicle names added.
  • Client crashes that occurred during platoon creation fixed.
  • Bug with disappearing in-game chat messages fixed.
  • Bug with players unable to browse chat contact list while waiting in the pre-battle queue fixed.
  • Bug with incorrect calculation of crew experience bonus fixed.
  • Bug with incorrect functioning of message counter on the chat icon fixed.
  • In-game notification and description texts reworked and improved.
  • A number of general game client errors and crashes fixed.