Update 1.8: Updated Tutorial

Tank Commanders,

Each newcomer wants to immediately become a first-class tanker, earning 10 medals every battle. But to achieve success, you have to start with the basics. Version 1.8 has made the learning process much easier and more enjoyable. It features the updated battle tutorial and many useful hints.


First Steps

The first step on the path of a brave tanker is selecting a nation, or more precisely, selecting a Tier I tank in which to enter the battle.

During the battle and hangar tutorials, a new tanker will fight a few practice battles with other newcomers, and will also learn such basic skills as holding the device correctly, controlling the camera and tank, shooting and aiming, researching and purchasing vehicles, mounting equipment, improving crew mastery, etc. That way, the player will become familiar with all the important aspects of the game.

During the hangar tutorial, the player will learn more about the tech tree and will purchase a tank of another nation. After that, the tutorial will end. The player will get the reward and be given full freedom of action.

By the way, if you are already an experienced commander, or maybe even a “PhD in armor-piercing sciences,” you can skip all the tutorials and throw yourself directly into battle; but if you do, you will not receive the reward for tutorial completion.



We have added several pop-up hints for those players who are already familiar with the game basics. These hints will tell (or remind) you:

  • How to find a particular button in the Garage if you forget its location
  • What Free Experience is and how it can be used
  • How to train and use crew skills
  • Many other useful things