Update 1.9 German Tanks Review

Tank Commanders,

You have been warned! Seven new German medium tanks will be let loose into the grounds of World of Tanks Blitz in Update 1.9. Here is the information that scouts have gathered about them.




1) Pz.Kpfw. III

The tier 4 Pz.Kpfw. III is a speedy vehicle for its type. Even though it's a medium tank, many will prefer to play it as a scout. For aggressive play styles, enemies this tank can pick on include other medium tanks with lighter armour and light tanks. For a more conservative game, use cover well, team up with other tanks, and shoot only when needed. It is a good tank to learn skills like hiding, spotting, and capturing your enemy's attention while a team member with a bigger gun lies in wait for the kill.


2) Pz.Kpfw. III/IV

This tier 5 tank is a defender and is a good vehicle to have in the frontlines with scouts and other medium tanks. It has a sloped front which works well for bouncing shots from less experienced opponents. Shots from this tank are highly effective, rarely missing their targets. Use this tank to lead the charge!


3) VK 30.01 D

Don't start calling the VK 30.01 D short. This Tier 6 vehicle was created to be one sneaky sniper. Nobody sees it coming until an unexplained flying shell hits a target. The VK 30.01 is built for long-range fights but will suffer when in close range. For best results, keep this tank in good sniping spots and have fun playing hide and seek.


4) VK 30.02 D

The tier 7 VK 30.02 D is not only good at defence, it's good at offence too. Sloped armour allows you to play a "mini game" of ping pong with incoming ammo - while enjoying enemy annoyance of bouncing their shells, be careful not to let them hit the tank's weak sides and rear. Attack-wise, the tank has an accurate gun and is good at ramming.


5) Indien-Pz

The Tier 8 Indien-Pz is capable of playing a variety of roles in a team. When in the hands of an experienced player, the Indien-Pz can turn the tides of battle with its good manoeuvrability and DPM. However, like most jack-of-all-trades, it does not have a prominent strength. Overall, it is a good tank for players to show off their playing styles.


6) Leopard PT A

Near the end of the German Medium Tank line, the much-coveted Leopards await hard-working researchers. This vehicle has high penetration, accuracy, and alpha damage. Like its name suggest, it's a fast runner, and it camouflages well. Due to slow reload, use this tank for sniping roles.


7) Leopard 1

The Tier X at the end of this Medium tank line is a versatile teamplayer. It can do scout runs, perform flanking roles, and support. Keep moving, because this tank has weak armour and is easily damaged. It has a very good view range, so sniper roles suit this tank well.