Update 1.9 Known Issues

Dear Players,

With the release of Update 1.9, several technical problems and in-game errors have been noticed:

  • Tier I tanks are not shown as Elite once all modules are researched
  • Platoons have the wrong numbers. IE platoon 1 is shown as Platoon 2
  • Certain conditions to receive some medals are not working as intended. This issue will be fixed with version 1.10
  • The option to “Blacklist” a player is currently not working and you will see an error such as; <Unknown (error)>. Also all the players that have been in your “blacklist” before the 1.9 update are currently not been displayed.

The development team is now working on fixing those issues. Further information will be provided when the errors have been corrected.

Please note that some problems can be solved with the following solutions:

  • Should you not see the 1 day premium time added as compensation for the down time please restart the game. Please note that only accounts that had an active premium account at the time of the update will be compensated.
  • Should the game crash and you play on iOS please restart your device and do a soft reset
  • Should the game crash and you play on an Android device please delete the cache and reset your device.
  • Should you not be able to select a certain tank to become a primary tank please clear any filter you may have to select the nation of the tank before you select the tank.

Do feel free to contact Customer Support should you experience any other issues not listed above.