Map Changes in Update 2.0

Tank Commanders!

Update 2.0 is under construction and based on the community’s feedback we will change two of the game’s existing maps: Oasis Palms and Rockfield.

Oasis Palms

The biggest change on this map is that we flattened it so you can now shoot at more spots than before. The mountains at the edges of this map have been removed, the riverbed now contains no water and the urban area has become the main battle zone. The respawn points have been changed, too. Medium tanks spawn close to plenty of dunes to manoeuvre in and heavy tanks will start close to the urban area, which provides lots of cover.


We’re also brought some changes to the flora and the terrain of Rockfield and, just like Oasis Palms, this map has become flatter. Besides that, some bushes and trees have been removed, and the sounds have been improved. However, additional changes to this map will come in future updates.

Keep your eyes open for more information on Update 2.0 coming soon!