Update 2.1 - Clan Chat

Tank Commanders,

Version 2.1 will finally introduce one of the most-awaited features – a function to communicate with clan members, find a platoon in a pinch, or ask questions in a private clan channel. All this becomes real with the Clan Chat!

A separate channel — Clan Chat — will appear in the messaging screen. If you are not a member of a clan yet, a notification “You are not in a clan yet” and the Clans button will be displayed in the screen. This chat will show messages from members of the clan you belong to. Messages of the Clan Lead and Deputy Lead as well as your own messages will be highlighted with a different colour. The list of offline clan members is placed in the left part of the screen. There will also be an indicator of online players: e. g. Online 7/42 (means that 7 out of 42 clan members are online).

New chat messages are placed at the top of the screen, the old ones — at the bottom.

If the Clan Chat tab is inactive, you will see an indicator of unread messages on it.

Hey, I'm a non-clan player. How will these changes affect me?

  1. The Clan Chat tab is available even for non-clan players. When tapping it, a notification “You are not in a clan yet” and a button that navigates the user to the Clans section will be displayed in the right part of the screen. Players can navigate to “Clans” to search for or create a clan.
  2. Instead of the “Invite Friends” icon in the top bar on the right, there will be a similar item in the “Chat” menu available from the top bar on the left.
  3. Button for creating a platoon that appears from the left top bar when choosing a contact will be bigger. The icon on it was replaced with the text “Create a Platoon”.
  4. Name of the selected player is now placed in the top bar in the middle, as well as the menu with buttons Add to Friends, Block, etc.