Update 2.1 - Royal Race FAQ

1. Do I have to play 25 or more battles in a single tank or can I spread them across any of the new British Tank Destroyers?
You can spread them across all new British Tank Destroyers from Tier 5 to 10.

2. What happens if we hit the goal of 800,000 battles before September 18th? Does the event end?
Yes, the event will end.

3. What happens if I don’t have 25 or more battles when we hit (800,000) battles?
You won't be eligible to receive the reward, sorry.

4. What happens if we don’t hit (800,000) battles?
Nobody will be eligible to receive the reward... So do your best!

5. When will the 5 Days of premium start?
The exact timing will be announced at a later date after the goal has been reached. Stay tuned!

6. Can I get the gold equivalent of the 5 days of premium instead?
No, it won't be possible.

7. How “real time” is the website battle counter?
Data will be refreshed every hour.

8. Will Facebook, Google Play, or Demo accounts have their battles count towards the goal and be able to receive the reward?
Yes, they will.

9. Do all battles count, win or lose?

10. Can I have the premium time delivered at a different date? I will not have access to the game until M/D/Y.
No, sorry but the premium time will be delivered to everyone at the same time.

11. I had 25 battles done once we hit (800,000) battles but did not receive the premium time. What do I do?
Please contact our Customer Support via the in-game option, or our web portal.