Update 2.1 - UK TDs

Tank Commanders,

When controlling a Tank Destroyer, you'll automatically assume the role of damage dealer. The team will rely on you to weaken or take out opponents. Depending on the tank of your choice, you can either lead the charge with your sheer firepower or choose to lie low and deliver death blows while using your skills to remain undetected.

Are the new Tank Destroyers suitable for your playing style? Read on to find out.



Valentine AT

The Valentine AT is a tier 3 Tank Destroyer that has the power to select and issue death sentences to most vehicles it meets. Its gun has a good traverse and can perform sniper roles with excellent results. For survival reasons, it will be wise to keep this tank hidden from enemy view or well-protected by allies.



This tier 4 Tank Destroyer has one very difficult mission - to deliver damage without being spotted. Like most TDs, the Alecto can inflict huge damage. What makes it special is high speed and manoeuvrability that helps it to stay out of firing range. Use this tank to practice your driving skills. Move around the map to avoid detection.


AT 2

Lead the charge with the tier 5 AT 2. For the best possible defence, have a teammate or two to defend your rear. When you see an enemy, let them have it with your high damage per minute. With patience, this tank can win the race slowly and steadily.


AT 8

The AT 8 makes a good Tier 6 long-range sniper. Front-line strategies that were once used on the AT 2 cannot be used on this TD anymore. It is a good training vehicle to practice and perfect sniper strategies that will be crucial for most Tank Destroyers down the line.


AT 7

Good aim, penetration, and damage. It has an exceptional gun but is slow in speed. The Tier 7 AT 7 is quite versatile - other than the traditional sniper role for TDs, it can perform assaults with support from teammates.

If you already unlocked the Churchill GC on the British Tech tree and you're in a hurry to unlock the Tier X, this is a fast-track to the FV215b (183).


AT 15

This Tier 8 needs to be played as a sniper. Use terrain to your advantage, proper angling can improve the defence of this machine while it takes out enemies with a high rate of fire. Although it does not score well in the defence department, it does have enough mobility to get itself out of trouble.



This tier IX tank destroyer is capable of dealing massive damage and terror once it arrives at the showdown zone. Weak armour is compensated with a generous 1,800 HP. The Tortoise, however, has punctuality issues with a speed that runs marginally faster than a bicycle on average speed.


FV215b (183)

Congratulate yourself when you unlock this royal beast. Built for assault, this vehicle serves the very essence of death wherever its gun fires at. Be patient when using this vehicle as it takes a very long time to reload. Make your shots count by shooting only when you're sure it will make contact with your target.