Update 2.10 - Release Date

Tank Commanders,

In Update 2.10, you will get to experience tank birthdays (also known as Seasonal Milestones), new tank skins, and improved Training Rooms. All the better to make your Blitz games more unique and personal. We'll also get to enjoy a newly reworked Rockfield too!

Check below for full patch notes and maintenance schedule. 


Update 2.10 will be released on 08 June

Servers will be unavailable 08 June from 03:50-07:20 UTC+8.

Premium Bonus

We want to give you an extra boost as you enjoy playing the new content -- 2 free days of Premium account time!

If you haven't tried playing with Premium, or use it sparingly, here's a great chance to play with increased XP and Credit earnings while you battle! And those currently playing with Premium will get these bonus days at no charge.

Premium Bonus Conditions

  • To receive the bonus, you must be a registered World of Tanks Blitz player before Saturday, June 11, 11:00 UTC+8 -- that's when we give everyone the bonus. You will also need to play at least 1 battle during the following time slot before receiving it:
  • To claim the bonus, you will need to play 1 battle during: June 11-12 at 11:00 UTC+8. This bonus Premium time will only be active for 48 hours. 

Release Notes 2.10



  •        Seasonal milestones are celebrated every 3 months from the date of the vehicle’s purchase. On this occasion, players will receive bonus modifiers for experience and credits. The milestone bonus has priority over other modifiers and is not added to them. To receive the bonuses, the vehicle must be in the Garage for at least 3 months. The date of the next seasonal milestone is displayed on the technical characteristics screen.


  •        In version 2.10, we continued the development of camouflage functionality: now some camouflages will be available for purchase after the player fulfills special conditions. Badges have been introduced to mark changes in the camouflage state, such as introduction of a new camouflage, camouflage unlocking or locking, etc.
  •        We created two new camouflages that will be sold for gold and resupplied for credits. Their cost will vary for different vehicle tiers. We also added a camouflage that will be unlocked after Premium Account purchase.



  •        Added the chat.
  •        Friendly fire option added to the training room settings.
  •        Personal invite support implemented for training rooms in a way similar to platoon invites. The invite sender receives a system notification "Invite has been sent!", and the invite recipient gets an invite notification with an option to navigate to the training room.
  •        Team score introduced for training rooms, and the reset score option added.
  •        Profanity filter introduced for room names and descriptions, and character limit added.
  •        Identifying icons were added above the team lists in the training rooms.
  •        New tooltips added for training room participants.
  •        Issue with training room list refreshing fixed for cases when the room where the player participated was dismissed.
  •        Issue with credits not being deducted in case of self-damage in training battles fixed.
  •        Issue with incorrect processing in case of lack of credits for repairs after a training battle fixed.
  •        Issue fixed with the player being taken to the Garage instead of the training room list after creating/entering a training room.
  •        Training room list sorting fixed: rooms of friends and clanmates are sorted in alphabetical order.
  •        Issue with lag in player readiness status updates in training rooms fixed.
  •        Issue with disabled limitation for 20 participants per training room fixed.
  •        Game crash when creating a training room fixed.(Win10)


  •        The “Movement direction indicators” setting introduced for all platforms: arrows below the vehicles showing the direction of its movement. The arrow display can be disabled.
  •        The "Mouse sensitivity in sniper mode" and "Invert vertical mouse movement" settings added for Win/Mac.


  •          A new gun added for the IS-6 and IS-6 Fearless: 122 mm D-30A:
  •          Reload time: 14.8 s
  •          Dispersion ratio upon turret traverse: 0.16
  •          Primary shell:APCR, secondary shell: HEAT
  •        For the KV-5, the 107 mm ZiS-6D gun was added:
  •          Reload time: 11.7 s
  •          Dispersion ratio upon turret traverse: 0.14
  •          Primary shell: new APCR shell UBR-420D, secondary shell: HEAT


  •          The Rockfield map has been reworked:
  •          The major improvement was expansion of the playing area using the territory near the flag: the mountain was moved beyond the red line and a high-speed zone was added for fast vehicles.
  •          Spotting system was implemented in the new zone based on distances and vehicle characteristics.
  •          More explicit positions for tank destroyers were added on the map.
  •          The rocky plateau in the center of the map was reworked in order to make it more variable and less exposed to enemy fire.
  •          The gates area near the garage was rebalanced and faced some minor improvements to make the game in slow and heavily armored vehicles more comfortable.
  •          The flag capture circle moved to the descent from the bunkers, to shift the focus of fighting to this part of the map.
  •          The art team has done a great job on this map. Now Rockfield is a haze-smothered corner of Karelia, fleeced with moss, and rich in rocky plateaus and marshlands.
  •        On the Canal map, artifacts were removed from water that were displayed when low-quality settings were enabled.
  •        Battle tier changed for the Rockfield and Fort Despair maps: Rockfield will be available starting from battle tier IV, and Fort Despair—from battle tier I.



  •        Mouse behavior improved for Win/Mac version: it became more accurate and responsive. (Win/Mac)
  •        Mission distribution parameters changed: now missions are assigned to vehicles that have been recently used by the player more often.
  •        Option of control type selection added before the start of the tutorial. (Relevant only for Windows PCs with touch screen)
  •        Link to Wargaming.net added to the side-bar menu in the Community section.


  •        Bug with mouse sensitivity lag upon looking back was fixed: now it matches the usual sensitivity.  (only Mac)
  •        Bug with camo display error for the T110E5, T110E4, and T110E3 was fixed.
  •        Bug with the reticle freezing on an enemy vehicle was fixed. (Win10 Desktop)
  •        Bug with no highlight for the selected nation in the Tech Tree was fixed.
  •        Bug with the postponed display of the congratulation screen upon reaching a new Supply level was fixed.
  •        Bug with Soviet vehicle highlighting when purchasing a Tier II vehicle during the tutorial was fixed.
  •        Bug where the player was unable to look back using the mouse before the battle begins was fixed. (Win/Mac)
  •        Bug with freezing when the player quickly scrolls the vehicle carousel was fixed.
  •        Bug with false game over when the player was switching between the allies in the postmortem mode was fixed.
  •        Display of invitations to friends when the player is in battle or in a training room was removed.
  •        Notification and description texts were fixed.
  •        General bugs and client crashes were fixed.