Update 2.10 - Rockfield Map Update

Tank Commanders,

Rockfield is a map that you'll encounter once you start using a vehicle of Tier IV onwards of any tech tree. Update 2.10 will introduce some changes to its looks, but also to key features that can affect your battle performance. Will the new features affect your strategies for better or worse?

Let's study the changes below.


The biggest change you'll see is that playable area of Rockfield will be increased. A mountain near the flagzone will be reduced in size. Also, another mountain will be moved beyond the red line - the area will serve as a zone for fast tanks.

Want to scout? Pay attention to your tank's stats and the distance from enemies. Bushes are now located in a way to help vehicles above Tier VIII to utilize Coated Optics or Binocular Telescopes. Use the information you gain at these areas wisely - sometimes it is wiser to retreat and use the time to plan for another attack.

More sniping spots can be accessed by Tank Destroyers too. But they will need the help of flanking allies to bring them there. These spots can be used to snipe at enemies in selected directions.

The rush to the center will now be less risky. A rocky plateau will be added to the area to add more variety to battles. Heavy fire from the enemies in that area will soon become a thing of the past.

The area at the gates of the garage will undergo aesthetic and balancing changes. This will benefit slow and heavily armoured tanks. Changes include:

  • Balanced positioning of bunkers and rocks for both teams
  • Height of certain rocks revised so that medium tanks can help allies on the other side of the map
  • A small hallow can be found in the hull of the tank near the gate, this makes attacking from that position safer
  • Vegetation thinned out and optimized to improve gameplay

More positions favourable for Tank Destroyers have been added to the area too.

Flag capture point was moved to the descent from the bunkers to shift the focus of fighting in this part of the map.

Enjoy the map! Our Art team worked hard on revamping the map. You will find that certain areas of the map will feature different colours so that it is harder to get lost or stuck. Now the Rockfield map is shrouded in the predawn haze moss and overgrown area of Rockfield, full of rocky plateaus and swampy hollows.