Update 2.10 - Tank Birthday

Tank Commanders,

Some things like friendship and fine wine enhance with age. In Update 2.10, your tanks will have birthdays too! Except that instead of cutting a cake and throwing a party, your tank will receive XP and credit multipliers. 

A tank's "birthday" is determined by the time the vehicle stays in your garage. Every 3 months, your tank will receive increased bonus multipliers.

Check below for full details.


  1. Each vehicle in the Garage has the following seasonal milestones: 
    - 3 months since the day of purchase (91 days)
    - 6 months since the day of purchase (182 days)
    - 9 months since the day of purchase (273 days)
    - 1 year (364 days), and so on each 3 months
  2. How the mechanics of seasonal milestones work:
    - The vehicle receives an increased bonus XP multiplier (e.g. X5) and a bonus credit multiplier (e.g. X2).
    - The milestone bonus is activated after the next x2 update.
    - The milestone bonus can be received during three days after the Seasonal Milestone date (i.e. the bonus multiplier is not replaced with the usual x2 multiplier until the player uses it). If the player doesn’t enter the game during these three days, the bonus is replaced with the x2 multiplier.
  3. After the player receives the milestone bonus for the victory, the multiplier and celebration icons disappear, and the multiplier returns to its usual state.
  4. During the X3 and X5 bonus multipliers running time, the milestone bonuses are given priority (i.e. the milestone bonus is given priority even if there’s a special for that vehicle at that time).
  5. The milestone bonus is not combined with other bonus multipliers.
  6. To receive the milestone bonus, the vehicle must have been in the Garage for at least 3 months. If the player sells their vehicle and then purchases it again, the milestone count starts from the date of the last purchase. The count is linked to the days that the vehicle spent in the Garage, and not to the dates.
  7. After entering the game, the player sees a celebration notification with the “AFFIRMATIVE!” button, which the player can use to dismiss the notification.
  8. If the player was in battle when the milestone bonus was activated for a vehicle, the notification will pop up as soon as the player enters the Garage.
  9. The milestone notification displays only once for each vehicle. If the player closed the notification and didn’t use the bonus, the next the notification will not display, although the milestone bonus will still be active.
  10. The date of the following seasonal milestone should display in the vehicle characteristics window.
  11. Tier I vehicles will have no seasonal milestones.


Seasonal Milestone Rewards

  1. For each Seasonal Milestone, the vehicle is provided with the following bonus multipliers:
    - x5 for XP
    - x2 for credits
  2. The rewards are the same for all vehicles and do not depend on tiers.