Update 2.10 - Training Room Improvements

1. Training Rooms Improvements

Many of you have already tried training rooms. The first big tournament was organised in training rooms by Glafi team, and the Video and Sound forum section was updated with new fascinating videos. After the release of version 2.9, we received detailed feedback from players regarding the improvements required to make training rooms more comfortable and interesting. In version 2.10, training rooms will be comprehensively reworked. We will focus on the features that will make training rooms more fun for tankers.

Here are some features to look forward to:


The chat will be added to the training rooms to facilitate communication between players. The chat window will be displayed in the centre of the training room. The General channel will be available to all players in the room: members of both teams and players waiting in the queue. It will help to agree the substitution of players in teams with those waiting in the queue, and to ask players to select particular vehicles.

In the common chat, player nicknames will be displayed in different colours: friendly team—green, enemy team—red, nicknames of players from the queue—white. Players from the queue will see all nicknames in the chat in white because they haven’t joined a team yet.
Chat history will be stored until the player quits the training room or until the room is deleted. System notifications of players who joined the room or one of the teams, etc. will also be displayed in the chat.

Friendly Fire

The friendly fire option (more simply, team killing) will be added to the training room settings. It can be enabled or disabled by the room creator only. This option may help to solve the problem when you want to make one of the players a spectator during the tournament so that this player can watch the others play without participating in the battle.

Invites to Training Rooms

In the new version, the personal invite system will be implemented for training rooms similar to platoon invites. The invite recipient will get an invite notification with an option to navigate to the training room. Any player waiting in the training room queue can invite another player to join that room. The “Invite to Room” button will appear in the chat window during the conversation with another player instead of the “Create Platoon” button.

Team Score for Training Rooms

Team score will now be stored based on the battles between the teams. The room creator can reset the score by opening the upper menu below the room name and clicking RESET SCORE. The score will be displayed on the minimap image in the training room.

Important note: If all players leave the battle before it ends, the battle will not be counted and will have no effect on the team score. For example: only one tank remains in battle, it leaves the battle before it ends. In this case, the team score will not change. This measure will help to avoid situations when the teams have to leave the battle (for example, due to a violation of tournament regulations). The battle result will be added to the team score.

Profanity Filter

After the introduction of training rooms, it appeared that some players frequently use abusive language in training room names. To solve the issue, we’ve decided to enable the profanity filter for training room names as well. We always support polite and correct communication between players, as well as following the game’s Rules and Conditions.

Moreover, we also limited the allowed number of characters that can be used in a training room name: the name itself can consist of up to 50 characters, and the description—up to 400.

Identifier Signs

This header might seem a little scary, but it actually means something very simple: each training room name will feature red and green identifiers corresponding to the team (allied or enemy).

By selecting a player in the team list, you can transfer them to another team, or return them back to the queue by tapping the button with the converging arrows. When tapping the icon of the tanker, you’ll navigate to the player’s profile and will be able to view their statistics and personal record.


Adding hints to the bottom of the training room screen will help the player understand what to do next when they are on a team or in a queue. Example: “Select a vehicle and wait until the Commander assigns you to one of the teams”.

Fixed Bugs

In the upcoming version, a number of bugs that troubled our players were fixed. Let’s take a closer look at what has been done:

1) Bug with the player’s training room being dissolved upon refreshing the training room list has been fixed. The bug appeared when the player was in a training room, then this room was dissolved, and after that the player’s list of available training rooms still displayed the non-existent training room. 

2) Bug with incorrect charge of credits for battles in training rooms upon inflicting damage to yourself has been fixed. In training rooms, credits are charged for vehicle repairs. However, when the player happened to fall off a hill, damage the vehicle’s tracks due to a dangerous manoeuvre, or fire high-explosive shells while standing right next to the target, credits were not charged. This contradicted the mechanics of charging credits for repairs in training rooms, which is why we had to fix it.

3) Bug with incorrect situation processing, when the player didn’t have enough credits for repairs after a training battle, has been fixed. The issue occurred upon the following algorithm of actions: the player created a training room via an account with no credits; the player fought a battle and used all their shells and got the vehicle destroyed. As a result, the player’s account incorrectly displayed the Clan Supply discount. Also, when the player earned the sufficient number of credits and repaired the vehicle, ammunition was still highlighted with red, and it was impossible to navigate to the ammunition screen from the Garage. This annoying bug has been fixed.

4) Bug when the player was returned to the Garage, and not to the training room list, upon creating/connecting to the training room has been fixed. In some cases, instead of the BACK button, the return to the Garage button displayed in the training room. We’ve fixed this issue in accordance with the intended mechanics: now players are returned to the training room list.