Update 2.11 - German Tank Destroyers: Grille 15 L63 Branch

Tank Commanders,

Damage dealers will have something to cheer about. The German tech tree will have a new expansion in the tank destroyer department. You'll have an easier time collecting this range of vehicles if the Hetzer's already in your service. At Tier V onwards, have fun exploring the new tank destroyers!

Find out more about the new line below.


Tier V: Pz Sfl IVc

This is the first tank destroyer you can unlock from this series. Once you've unlocked this vehicle, keep researching it! This Tier V is not to be underestimated because it can wield a Tier VIII gun. For its tier, the Pz Sfl IVc's damage is nothing short of impressive.


Tier VI: Nashorn

Yes, the German forces called this tank the Rhino. Use this tank for its fearsome Tier VIII gun and good mobility. Play it like you would the Pz Sfl IVc. This vehicle is best for sniper roles.


Tier VII: St Emil

Don't be fooled by the "St" in this tank's name, Emil is no Saint. It stands for "Sturer" which means "Stubborn" - because its real-life version was prone to breakdowns. This cranky tank may be a rebel, but it has a Tier IX gun with a good gun depression. Give the St Emil a good place to stand and it will move the battlefield for you.


Tier VIII: Rhm-B WT

Great power begins here. The Tier X gun of this tech tree branch appears right here on the Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträger. With this tank, you'll have ultimate gunpower in exchange for an extremely fragile armour. Experienced snipers will enjoy this vehicle very much.


Tier IX: WT auf Pz IV

The Waffenträger auf Pz. IV is very much alike the Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträger. For unlocking the Tier IX of this tier, you are rewarded with additional speed and better accuracy. Get used to driving this tank. It is good training for controlling the next epic vehicle...


Tier X: Grille 15 L63

It looks kind of funny from the side - like a small tank aiming its gun at you. But once you have a better look at its profile, you'll have a better idea of what makes the Grille 15 L63 a Tier X monster. It has a good speed which allows it to move from cover to cover after shooting. Getting this far in the tech tree earns you the right to use one of the most accurate guns in-game.