Update 2.11 - Release Date

Tank Commanders,

European battles take the limelight for this update. Major highlights of Update 2.11 include a new line of German Tank Destroyers and a map. Look forward to 6 new vehicles and battles on Vineyards!

Find out more about new game content with the full patch notes below.


Update 2.11 will be released on 29 June

Servers will be unavailable 29 June from 04:30-08:00 UTC+8.

Premium Bonus

We want to give you an extra boost as you enjoy playing the new content -- 2 free days of Premium account time!

If you haven't tried playing with Premium, or use it sparingly, here's a great chance to play with increased XP and Credit earnings while you battle! And those currently playing with Premium will get these bonus days at no charge.

Premium Bonus Conditions

  • To receive the bonus, you must be a registered World of Tanks Blitz player before Saturday, July 09, 11:00 UTC+8 -- that's when we give everyone the bonus. You will also need to play at least 1 battle during the following time slot before receiving it:
  • To claim the bonus, you will need to play 1 battle during: July 09-10 at 11:00 UTC+8. This bonus Premium time will only be active for 48 hours. 

Release Notes 2.11



  • The following vehicles were added to the Tech Tree:
    • New branch of German tank destroyers. Players will see 6 new Tier V–X vehicles: the Pz.Sfl. IVc (V), Nashorn (VI), Sturer Emil (VII), Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger (VIII), Waffenträger auf Pz. IV (IX), Grille 15 (X)
    • The Japanese Premium tank Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai (V), cost: 2,100 gold
  • In-battle skill visualization introduced: when a skill is activated, its icon is displayed above the damage panel. Skilliconswere reworked.
  • The reticle was improved: range finder and gun reload timer indicators added. The range finder shows the distance to the target. The timer shows the remaining reload time. Markers for the enemy in the reticle were improved. Color differentiation introduced for the reload timer.
  • New terrain processing mechanics were implemented: terrain geometry in Sniper mode will become more precise (we fixed the issue where a shell crashed into an invisible barrier instead of a vehicle in the reticle). The new mechanics also allows for reduced memory usage and improved performance.


  • Players will see the new Vineyards map: a somber sunset in a half-ruined Italian town among hills covered with grapevines.
  • The Oasis Palms map was reworked. We made some minor changes and balance improvements to ensure that the map remains familiar and to make it more comfortable for players. 
    • The desert was lowered by 10 meters on average; the shape of sand dunes became smoother.
    • Several rocks were added in the desert to create cover positions for vehicles with guns that have poor elevation and depression angles.
    • One additional path from the desert was removed in each spawn area to make heavy tanks feel safer around the town area in the heat of battle.
    • Tank destroyer positions in spawn areas were developed and enhanced to ensure support for allies in the desert. Shooting sectors for each position were extended, several cover points and bushes were added.
    • Spawn timing was rebalanced for the desert and the town.
    • Sand dunes near the town area were lifted by 2-3 meters on average to make shooting aimed at the desert possible. Due to lowering the desert level, the main focus shifted to the town area. Passability of the town was changed from medium to high to make battles in this area more dynamic.
    • The flag position remained unchanged, the capture circle was moved a little from the rocks covering the capturers from the desert. The rocks were lowered to make shooting through from sand dunes possible, and destructible objects in the flag area now provide almost no cover to players who decide to win the battle by base capture.
  • Spawn points on the Mirage map were changed: spawn points for heavy tanks of both teams were shifted closer to the medium tank spawns and rotated to face between the desert and town to ensure more passage options for heavy tanks.
  • On the Castilla map, an unplanned passage through the bridge bars was removed.
  • On the Himmelsdorf map, unplanned passages in remote map areas were removed.


  • Minimap displaying team spawn points was added.
  • Room creators will be able to change the spawn points of the teams.
  • Room creators can now set passwords for training rooms. Rooms secured by a password are marked with a flag.


  • Tech Tree for German vehicles was reworked:
    • The Pz.Kpfw. II (II) and Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A (III)were linked.
    • The Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A (III) and Durchbruchswagen 2 (IV) were linked.
    • The Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. A (III) and Durchbruchswagen 2 (IV) were unlinked.
    • The Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. A (III) and Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A (III)were unlinked.
  • For the VK 28.01,the researched and mounted Maybach HL 174 engine will be replaced with the Maybach HL 157 P.
  • Delay of the player navigation to an allied vehicle after being destroyed was realized.
  • New effect for unlocking a camo was added.


  • Bug with sensitivity upon holding the right mouse button was fixed.
  • Bug with the chat/server connection was fixed. (Android)
  • Display of camos for the FCM 50 t, Centurion Mk. I, AT 8, Centurion Mk. 7/1, Tortoise, Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu, Type 95 Ha-Go, Matilda Black Prince, FV4202, STB-1, M48A1 Patton, МС-1, Leichttraktor, Panzerjäger I, Pz.Kpfw. II, Pz.Kpfw. 35 (t), M2 Light Tank, T18, and T2 Light Tank was reworked.
  • Incorrect display of a long player name in the platoon window was fixed.
  • Incorrect display of specials (when there are more than 8) was fixed on the Clan Supply level screen.
  • Bug with incorrect navigation from Tech Tree to the Garage through tapping the vehicle icon was fixed.
  • Bug with incorrect mounting of the researched module via double-tapping the module icon was fixed.
  • Bug with incorrect server connection after unlocking the device was fixed.
  • Bug with the text in the window with the list of training rooms was fixed.
  • Bug with the display of a special sentence overlapping the Settings screen was fixed.
  • Bug in conditions of the “Halt and Freeze” mission was fixed.
  • Bug with mouse sensitivity after using the lookout area was fixed.
  • Bug with simultaneous tapping of all slots in Supply/Equipment/Provisions was fixed.
  • Notification and description texts were fixed in the game.
  • General bugs and client crashes were fixed.