Update 2.11 - Vineyards Map

Tank Commanders,

This is a map inspired by some of the battles braved in Europe. New maps are cool and all. But before you go running off looking for the nearest target to pick on, let's study the map a little. Knowledge is a powerful ally.

We hope you have fun on this map!


A map is not too difficult to master if you divide it into sections. The Vineyards map has eight areas where fighting can take place.

 Area 1 and 2: Spawn Points

Teams will spawn from the top right and bottom left of the screens respectively.

Area 3: Town in the North West

A forgotten town lies here. An engagement can happen if opposing vehicles travel in a straight direction from the base. This area has buildings scattered around to provide cover. 

Area 4: Town in the South East

Good drivers can show off some skill here. There are plenty of buildings to play peek-a-boo and hide and seek. There is a lot of cover in Area 4. Though if your vehicle is bad at turning, you might want to avoid running after a weaker opponent into this area.

Area 5 and 6: Vineyards near the Ruins and Church

Now this a place where you can see some serious action. If your vehicle needs a bit more open space for a brawl, Area 5 and 6 provides a good place for close combat. There are also a few buildings you can use for defence as you choose to move around the area or cross the river.

Area 7 and 8: Motor Depot and Church

This is the closest area to both spawn points. But it is also a good place for tank destroyers to shine. Get your team members to lure unsuspecting enemies into this area while your big guns wait for prey.