Update 2.2 - Level 6 Crew Skills [Updated]

A new level for Crew Skills will be available at the release of Update 2.2! Give your tank performance a boost with this added feature.

The 6th Level

Existing crew skills will have a new 6th level. A skill's effect will be raised proportionally with each level.

For example, when the Mentor skill is upgraded to level 5, a 5% bonus to Crew experience will be earned. At level 6, the skill will give you a 6% bonus.

How to upgrade a skill level

Free XP and Crew XP earned on a vehicle can be used to upgrade a skill level.

Due to the introduction of the 6th skill level, the reset price to upgrade to the maximum level has been changed accordingly - the reset price for skill level 6 will be 2,900.

Prices of skill mastery has been adjusted to match this change:

Skill Level

Old Price

New Price

1 17,000 XP 25,000 XP
2 34,000 XP 50,000 XP
3 68,000 XP 100,000 XP
4 200,000 XP 200,000 XP
5 680,000 XP 624,000 XP
6   1,000,000 XP


In summary, XP costs to upgrade your level 1-3 skills have increased, but the level 4 skill update remains unchanged. At level 5, the XP cost for Crew Skill training has decreased to 624,000 XP!

No crew skills will be lost! After the release of Update 2.2, all skills that are mastered will retain their progress. Upgrade prices will only apply to skills that have not been mastered.