Update 2.2 Map Update: Desert Sands + Halloween Map

Tank Commanders,

Times have changed in Desert Sands. The terrain, objects, and foliage are no longer what they used to be, so let's keep our strategies updated.

What changed?

  • Objects:
    • Reworked barrels and boxes.
    • Aircraft size and position changed.
    • Fence textures modified.
    • Colour scheme for small rocks improved.
    • Train wheels and other objects fixed.
  • Sticking to Objects:
    • Fixed issue with small-sized vehicles sticking between flowerbeds near the mosque.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Reworked position of objects hanging in the air.
    • Clearer map borderline.
    • Improved map passability.
    • Improved railway tunnel perspective.
    • Fixed railway line junctures.
    • Adjusted several buildings.
  • Effects:
    • Railway effects improved.
    • General effects reworked.
    • Fixed lighting for some buildings.

Watch Hughbert Jass's review here.

A Special Halloween Map!

A special themed map will be released in Update 2.2 to celebrate the season of spooks. Here's how it looks like: