Update 2.3 - Clan Update

Tank Commanders,

Being in a clan is a fantastic way to bond with other tankers and have fun while training! To make clans a more enjoyable experience, some changes have been made to improve the system. Check the latest clan features below:

Restrictions to auto-recruiting

Now, autorecruiting will only target players with stats that do not significantly exceed those of players within your clan. To autorecruit strong players, you will have to improve the overall clan performance.

Changing clan roles

The Clan Lead can now change roles of clan members in the military personnel table: for example, to appoint the Deputy Lead.

Selection of Top 3 Players

Players who open your clan profile will see the honours board with the best clan members sorted by the following three mentioned parameters:

  • Battles per day
  • Victory ratio
  • Average damage

Clan Recommendations Based on Autorecruiting Parameters

The player searching for a clan will now see the list of clans having suitable autorecruiting parameters. The clans will be sorted by victory ratio (in descending order). 

Important note: Only clans that have at least 20 members will be displayed in the list. The player can use the clan language as an additional parameter. The clan list includes up to 100 clans.

Extended Set of Clan Emblems

New standard clan emblems added to the game.

Reworked Clan Chat

To expand/shrink contact list and open player's account information, double tap the name of selected player in your contact list.