Update 2.5 - Camouflage [Updated]

Vehicles will have a new look starting in Update 2.5. In each battle, you can see vehicles disguised to match the type of map being played. Welcome to the new game feature—camouflage!

Why camouflage tanks?

The result of a battle is affected by many different factors. Even the smallest element, like a late-spotted camouflaged tank, can decide the fate of the battle. Camouflage gives a concealment bonus to vehicles depending on their type:

  •        2% for heavy tanks
  •        3% for light and medium tanks
  •        4% for tank destroyers

The bonus also applies to Premium vehicles with a unique appearance, like the T-34-85 Victory, Tankenstein, etc. However, additional camouflage cannot be applied on these vehicles.

Players with devices that have low resolution graphics will be able to partially or completely disable camouflage. However, the concealment bonus will remain in effect.

Winter–Summer–Desert Collection 2016

Each vehicle (except for the above mentioned) can be equipped with up to three types of camouflage: summer, winter, and desert. During the battle, a vehicle will display the appropriate camouflage, like a chameleon, depending on the type of the map:

  •        Winter camouflage is used on Winter Malinovka, Himmelsdorf, and Dead Rail.
  •        Desert camouflage for Desert Sands, Black Goldville, and Oasis Palms.
  •        Summer camouflage is used for the rest of the maps.

Universal camouflage can be selected for any type of locality.

Camouflage Repair

In use, camouflage is very similar to consumables. Choose a vehicle, install up to three camouflages on it, and use the redesigned and less visible tank in battle!

  •        Camouflage is purchased once per battle. Just like repairs, which is performed after each battle, you need to paint over the damage, i. e. reinstall camouflage.  This can be done automatically after each battle as an option.
  •        If you wish to change camouflage, you need to sell the current camouflage and choose another one. You will receive the full price from the camouflage that you sell.

Camouflage: Templates for all Seasons

Update 2.5 introduces 41 camouflage templates. Only a few of them will be available for each vehicle, depending on their nation. Additionally, camouflages will be divided by season or terrain: summer, winter, desert, or universal (which can be used on all maps). You can take a look at all available camouflage in the gallery presented below. Enjoy!